What is negative SEO

Building Spammy Backlinks: Creating low-quality or irrelevant backlinks pointing to the competitor’s website to trigger Google’s algorithmic penalties for unnatural link profiles.

Hacking and Injecting Malware: Compromising a competitor’s website by injecting malicious code or malware, which can lead to penalties or blacklisting by search engines.

Content Scraping and Duplication: Scraping a competitor’s content and publishing it elsewhere on the web to trigger duplicate content penalties for the original site.

Negative Reviews and Feedback: Posting fake negative reviews or feedback about a competitor’s products or services to damage their reputation and credibility.

DDos Attacks: Launching Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against a competitor’s website to make it inaccessible to users and possibly trigger search engine penalties due to downtime.

Click Fraud: Generating fake clicks on a competitor’s paid advertisements to exhaust their advertising budget and reduce the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Removing Competitor’s Backlinks: Attempting to remove or disavow legitimate backlinks pointing to a competitor’s website to diminish its authority and rankings.

Negative SEO can have severe consequences for the targeted website, including a significant drop in search engine rankings, loss of organic traffic, and damage to its online reputation. Website owners must be vigilant and protect their sites from negative SEO attacks.

If you are worried that you may have been a victim of a negative SEO attached, please message me if you need an SEO Audit or any help with negative SEO.

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