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 Solopreneur To Scaling  – The Web Design Overhaul Process Which Took A Client From £5k to £250k In 12 Months


This mini masterclass is 25 minutes; Dive straight into it, No Fluff.

What You’ll Discover…

Part 1: Planning  – If you start building a website without these 3 important steps, you’re going to fail. That is a fact!

Part 2: Building  Avoid the 7 common mistakes most people make when building a website. This will save you time and money.

Part 3: Launching – Doing this the correct way is vital to your success and can completely explode the growth of your website.

Mini Masterclass Case Study

I began by understanding what made my client’s coaching business unique and what she needed to achieve from her website. Then, I planned the steps necessary to get the maximum impact their business deserved.

It is not just creative design aimed at attracting their ideal clients that is important, but their website needs to be quick, responsive, and compliant, showcasing their work and making it easy for potential clients to work with them.  Optimising it for Google helped take their business from £5K to £250K.

A website was fundamental to their success, not just an added extra. Their online shop window gives information and builds trust and rapport with their potential clients before they have met them.

What Clients Say 

Kathy’s no-nonsense professional approach to SEO has significantly enhanced my business. Kathy did all the SEO, and I am No.1 on Google in my area. I have seen a direct and sustained uplift in bookings as well.

Alison Savory, PhD

Alison Savory, PhD
Kathy came in and transformed our site into a professional one and we are getting 4 times as much business from the new one. We would highly recommend her and will be using her again!

Alison Savory, PhD

Heidi-Marie Fendry
After much searching for the right designer, we were thrilled to find Kathy. She was resourceful and creative and did it all – soup to nuts. We have had 10 X as many new enquiries since the launch.

Alison Savory, PhD

Cindy Elwell

My name is Kathy Rustell and over the last 18+ years as a Website Designer & SEO Coach, I’m proud to say:


1: I have grown my company internationally and now have clients in over 22 countries/states worldwide.

2: Coached hundreds of businesses on how to rank their websites on page 1 of Google.

3: Helped lots of entrepreneurs go from £1k per month to £10k many times over.

I found Kathy to be a breath of fresh air. She understood exactly what I wanted to create. She is friendly, approachable and provides a professional service. Highly recommend her. Paula

Paula Fenegan

Nutrition/Wellbeing Coach
To say that I’m delighted to have found Kathy is a massive understatement! Her knowledge in website design/build is incredible. She’s so easy to work with & explains everything in an easy to digest way. Rachel

Rachel Bradley

Social Media & Comms Specialist

Joanna Hughes

Joanna Hughes Solicitor Apprenticeships
Kathy is highly responsive and patient with newcomers to building websites. I also appreciated her flexibility as well as her creativity. Plus I love her ‘teach-in’ videos. I highly recommend Kathy! Joanna

Toni Kent

Professional Speaker
Kathy is down to earth, professional, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. Kathy gets the brief and rapidly translates that into a pin sharp website, exactly what you want. Love her’explainer-videos’too. Toni

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