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Paula fenegan wellness website

-Paula Fenegan Wellbeing Case Study

I have known Paula for several years and had a few conversations about the problems on her old website. As Paula had changed directions and now offers a very popular Wellbeing Coaching Programme online & offline it was time for a new website.

This was a quick turnaround as a lot of the content could be reused but needed new images. Paula completed the onboarding mini workbook giving us a clear brief of the sort of website she would like and need, clean and easy to navigate with a strong call to action to book an appointment.

It was important to link from the home page itself to her three main services as well as include a section about her 21 Day Nutrition Kickstart programme.

About Paula Fenegan Wellbeing

Paula is a Wellbeing / Nutrition Coach & Reflexologist based in Honiton, East Devon and loves all things holistic.

She is passionate about natural health solutions and believes working with the body is the best way to maintain health.

The body has an innate sense of healing and it will always try to heal itself, given enough time and the right raw ingredients.

Health is not only about the food we eat but also our reactions to the different stresses in our everyday lives.

You can view the website here and follow them on Instagram @paulafenegan



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21 Day Nutrition Kickstart

Kind Words

“As a PR & marketing expert, I know I can be demanding when it comes to the quality of my clients’ assets!


When I was tasked with rebuilding the Claudi & Fin website, I knew that Kathy was the woman for the job (let’s face it, she’s the only person I would work with when it comes to websites!).


The website was a rebuild & total redesign with a client who has high standards. The products are award-winning and the brand is growing out of the UK into new territories.


The expectation was high. Needless to say, Kathy delivered. And some.


The website is now something I’m proud to share as part of my client comms strategy.  All thanks to Kathy. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

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