Malware Removal Servcies

Malware removal to get your website back up and running

We’re experts in fixing hacked websites. We will find & remove any traces of the malware or phishing and then isolate the cause. We can have most sites fixed within a few hours. Our malware database contains over 10 million hack variations we check your site for.

WordPress cleanup experts

WordPress is the most popular website content management system and therefore can be a hacking target This can be through plugins or themes and extensions. Hacking syndicates compete to find vulnerabilities and exploit websites.

Sometimes you may not even know you have been hacked.

  1. They have just unloaded malicious code somewhere on the website but you can not see it. The first you may know of this is when your hosting company contacts you by email saying your website has critical problems.
  2. They can also deface your website so the viewer sees something unsavoury and nothing to do with your business.
  3. Your website is suddenly redirected to a phishing site

No matter how your site is infected, we can help you.

A cleanup can be requested here.

Vulnerabilities Fixed

We’ll find the underlying cause of the hack and either solve it or tell you what changes you need to make. We may be able to make the changes for you too.

What is the next step?

Fill in the enquiry form and we will then contact you and once signed up we’ll need access credentials we need to clean your site. Once you have submitted your task, you can leave us to it – we will contact you once we have finished.

We know WordPress back to front and aware of most hack types and can clean them up quickly.

We will take a backup before fixing your site and run a scan against tens of millions of malware signatures, alerting us of potential problems.

A cleanup can be requested here.

How much does Malware Removal cost?

Prices start from £199 for a standard website; if your website is an extensive website or eCommerce site, then we will check your website and give you a quote first.

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