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Hello, my name is I’m Kathy, and I’m an Experienced Website Designer helping Female Coaches and Service Providers plan, build and launch Low-Tech, High-Converting Websites.

Over the last few years, I’m proud to have:

✔️ Grown my company internationally, and now have clients in over 22 different countries/states worldwide.

✔️ Helped hundreds of female coaches and service providers to plan, build and rank their websites on page 1 of Google.

✔️ Simplified tech for clients with my short, easy-to-follow videos.


How Can I Help You?

Simple By…

Building you a professional, low-tech, high-converting website that gets your business noticed (in a good way) smile whilst providing a seamless user experience for your customers.

Tagging your website so it becomes a marketing machine generating a consistent stream of traffic.

Supporting you and giving you training so you can make simple changes on your website by yourself. Aftercare is especially important to me, if you have a question, my door is always open.

In a nutshell…


Build professional, eye-catching, responsive websites that work hard for your business providing a seamless user experience for your clients and maximising your conversion rates. Also, stepping in and helping you with SEO, automation and marketing.


It works by creating a clear strategy for your company using a combination of creative and technical elements to create the best solution for your business needs and to drive it forward, working with you.


Combining over 30 years of business experience offline and online, we look carefully at your business overall and create the type of website and organic marketing plan your business needs.


Having built a good relationship with clients in over 20 countries. Aftercare customer support is so important. All clients all get  1:1 WordPress Training for the websites we design. If you have a quick question, then my door is open.


Start with a FREE call so we can discover more about your business, and your plans and objectives for your new website so we know the best way to help you going forward. Book here.


Build Your Business Online is based in North Devon and run by Kathy and her team. Kathy is a chatty introvert who loves walking, and fine foods and admits to being a Netflix addict. She is also passionate about the environment and is the creator of Dan the Gardener & Friends a kids eco-movement.

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