Websites with free images for commercial use

All companies require images for their websites, social platforms, brochures and many other aspects of marketing. Trying to find copyright-free images can be difficult though and buying images can be expensive.

Images on search engines like Google aren’t always copyright free and when you filter them down to copyright-free images, the good, high-quality images disappear. I’ve, as a result of this, created the below list of websites and search engines which you can use to find free images for all aspects of your marketing.

If using a search engine, always make sure you use their filter options to view only images which are copyright free.

If you use any other options please share them in the comments.

1 – Google Advanced Image Search 

Select the correct ‘Usage Rights’ filter depending on your intended use of the image. The best The The best option to use is ‘free to use, share or modify, even commercially’, this means you have the freedom to use the images any way you want.

Google safe search

2 – Unsplash 

Unsplash is a collection of beautiful, royalty-free images, which photographers post high-resolution photos on for companies to use as they please.

It’s not required, but you can link back to either the Unsplash website or photographers profile page on the website as a thank you.

It’s easy to use with the simple search bar and new images are added regularly. It is growing in popularity though so make sure your competitors haven’t already used your chosen picture.


3 – Yahoo Image Search 

Similar to Google, Yahoo has a very similar image search which works with filters exactly the same.

Yahoo image search

4 – Flickr Advance Image Search 

Another platform which works in the same way as Google, use the filter to specify for ‘commercial and mods’.


5 – Pexels 

Search through 1000s of royalty free images, all of which can be used free of charge for commercial use, very similar to the popular Unsplash.


6 – Morguefile

Morguefile state they provide ‘free images for creatives, by creatives’. With over 350,000 free stock images for commercial use, there’s a good selection to search through.


7 – Pixabay 

Another platform similar to Unsplash, with over 1 million high quality, royalty free images.



Has a selection of free images to use which you can search through whilst creating artwork for social post, posters, etc.

Pixlr Editor 

A great image editor to adapt your chosen images.

Information correct at the time posted.

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